Young Musicians Course

Young Musicians Course

Ages 6-8



What You Learn

Children participate in activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage independence, creativity, and self-expression. Musicianship is taught through the use of a keyboard. Children will be involved in the following activities: singing, ear training, ensemble playing, arranging, keyboard techniques, sight playing, music theory.


Yamaha Music Education System

OverĀ 6,000,000 students across the world have studied at Yamaha Music Schools



Over 50 Years of R & D

Developed by educators, musicians, and psychologists and is the result of over 50 years of music education research in the US, Japan, Canada, and dozens of other countries.


Trusted By Educators

The Yamaha Music Education System’s approach, textbooks, and materials are widely regarded by educators as the best available.


Yamaha-Certified Teachers

Our teachers have passed demanding tests in musicianship while completing rigorous training prior to certification by the Yamaha Music Education System.


Over 4 Million Graduates

Graduates include those who have attended major music conservatories, won national and international music competitions, and become professional musicians and teachers.


Class Schedule

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Classes run year-round and meet once per week for 50 minutes excluding holidays on our calendar (46 classes per year).

Start Date Day Time Enrollment
1/6/18 Saturdays 9:00 AM Open Enroll >
1/11/18 Thursdays 5:00 PM Open Enroll >



Tuition & Policies



$110 per month



$106 per month (per student)
*Family discounts apply when 2 or more siblings are currently enrolled.
Only applies when the class meets the five-student minimum per class.


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